Mecanizados Perma, s.l. is an ancillary company within the metal sector. It was founded by Francisco Pérez Pérez and was initially known as Grabados Perma. Due to the needs arising from the evolution of the company, it then became known as Mecanizados Perma, s.l.

Currently, it is managed by his two sons, whose passion for the world of machined parts has been demonstrated by the opening of new markets, the enlargement of its facilities, and the modernization of its equipment (both in the technical office as well as in production).

The activities of the company are centered on:

  • Subcontracting of machining.
  • Design and/or manufacture of tooling.
  • Design and/or manufacture of molds for thermoforming.
  • Design and/or manufacture of molds for rubber vulcanization.

We have worked in the following sectors: automotive, environment, food, graphic arts, machinery in general, renewable energies, etc.